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Why is solar energy becoming more popular in the residential areas?

Solar Panel Gordons Bay offer years of experience in the solar business and have always come recommended by all those that used us.  We are certified with installing solar panel systems and our team is highly trained and always make sure that the job that we do is always done correctly and that our clients are fully satisfied with our workmanship.  We offer a guarantee on all our solar panels and we use the best solar panels that are on the market.

Affordable solar panels for sale in Gordons Bay

Solar Panel Gordons Bay will always make sure that we bring you the best pricing and  top quality service.  We have many years of experience and we are the best at what we do. We supply a 100 watt solar panel and a 300 watt solar panel system, Solar Panel Gordons Bay will determine what the best watt option will be for your homeA solar panel battery is used to run the solar system for house.  Ask us about the flexible solar panels and what are the benefits of it.

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Solar Panel Gordons Bay

Where does solar power come from from?

Because solar systems are powered by sunlight it is a natural way of receiving energy to your home without having to worry about the expenses on your house bills.  Solar Panel Gordons Bay offers free site inspection and free quotes.  It is important to check the direction of the sunlight that is being directed to your roof so that we will be able to make sure that the solar panel system receives the most sunlight to power it up.

Solar panel installation company that is based in Gordons Bay

Solar Panel Gordons Bay has worked on many projects in the rural areas, providing them with hot water and electricity for their homes.  We have been assisting many rural areas for over 15 years and it brings us most joy to know that we are helping those in need.

Solar Panel Gordons Bay

Why should you consider having a Solar geyser?

Affordable Solar panel price in the Gordons Bay area

Solar panels are a clean source of natural energy and the advantage of having a solar panel system is that it reduces the electricity bill, the maintenance is low, cost effective in the long run and it reduces the need for oil and coal that is being used every day to run the nation’s electricity.

Solar power system installation company in Gordons Bay

Contact Solar Panel Gordons Bay if you are looking at having solar panels installed for your home.  We will always advise on the best option for you and make sure you receive top service from us.  We not only do solar panel systems but also offer these following services, installation and reapairs on a Geyser, Plumbing services , leak detection services, and all handyman services.